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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Do not let stains, cracks, or chips ruin your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can fix unattractive or unhealthy teeth, leaving you with a star quality smile. Our office can use a variety of methods to improve your teeth, depending on your needs. Often a combination of methods can be used to help you achieve the look you have been dreaming of.

Cosmetic dentistry has taken off in recent years and has evolved into a multi-disciplined component of total facial harmony. Facial harmony applies to all of the facial muscles around the mouth and the gums and the teeth. All of these together create an optimal smile and part of the complete look.

Cosmetic dentistry has met this challenge with a huge array of new materials and innovative techniques. These can change your smile and your life, forever. As people get older, smiles also start aging. Worn out teeth change the appearance of the face and discoloration adds to the aging effect.

Advances in cosmetic dentistry now offer the potential to reverse the signs of dental aging, thereby giving a more youthful appearance. The advent of new materials and technology in dentistry during the last 10 years has brought with it great promise. Here is an overview of what is possible.

Whitening: The most popular and least invasive of cosmetic treatment to brighten and whiten yellowing teeth, is used by itself or along with other cosmetic procedures. The most effective whitening procedures for immediate results need to be performed at the dental office under professional supervision. (See our special section of Take-Home Whitening)

Cosmetic contouring: a simple procedure to reshape the natural teeth to achieve an illusion on straightness. Painless, simple, fast, and dramatic.

Bonding: Done with composite resins to close gaps, to fix chipped teeth, to cover discoloration and to replace the traditional silver fillings in front or back teeth.

Crowns: The teeth are shaped to receive full coverage with ceramics to hide fractured/discolored teeth.

Inlays/Onlays: Tooth colored fillings in ceramics/composites

Porcelain veneers: A sliver of porcelain bonded to the surface of the tooth to close gaps, discoloration, and minor irregularities. Many models and actors rely on them for their gorgeous smile.

Periodontics: modern cosmetic dentistry focusing on solving the problems of the gummy smile by guiding gums and re-contouring them for a better appearance.

Implants: Permanently implanted anchors form missing teeth combined with the prosthetic ceramic realistic tooth substitute providing permanent and lifelike solutions to missing teeth.

For more information on Cosmetic Dentistry in the Williamsburg, VA area call New Town Dental Arts at (757) 259-0741 !

The science of dentistry now adds the enhancements of cosmetic dentistry techniques and materials to take beauty and harmony into consideration and provide patients with what they are demanding. Solutions now exist to address concerns both medical and emotional, making us (and your dentist) a more diverse practice than ever before.



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